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Brass Sheets

Brass Sheets

Magnesium Elektron Precision Brass plates produce sophisticated three-dimensional dies for sculptured embossing and combination embossing/foil-stamping dies.

Brass is popular worldwide for CNC engraving. Magnesium Elektron also offers brass with photoresist coating for chemical etching.

Magnesium Elektron Precision Brass is a special alloy produced specifically for machine and hand engraving. Hot-rolled, milled to ensure surface integrity, cold-rolled to the tightest tolerances, flattened and stress-relieved, Precision Brass comes in two finishes and gauge tolerances:

CNC brass—Mill finish (packed as is from the mill as-rolled, no paint), tolerance +0.30mm / -0.00mm.
Machine brass—Polished one side (no paint), tolerance ±0.05mm.